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Why the 'Enjoy God Together' App is Transformative

Doug Sherman, Founder TradingUp.org

TradingUp exists to help you change your view of God

by seeing Him clearly and enjoying Him in the active hours of your day in fresh ways that creates big life change.

Have you ever asked yourself, why does my relationship with God feel dry, distant, and shallow? Do you feel stuck, but know there’s more?

TradingUp can help you change your view of God, powerfully impacting how you see yourself, your circumstances, and your relationship with Him. You will gain traction and momentum in finally enjoying God in fresh ways that will surprise you.

Things We Believe and are Passionate About

Doug Sherman, Founder of TradingUp.org has a life message and core beliefs that can be summarized by the following Manifesto.
These statements are the foundation for our ministry focus.

TradingUp.Org Manifesto

Trading Up is based in Austin, Tx. Amplify Austin Day is our community's annual day of giving. The 24-hour period provides an easy and fun way for our entire community to give together while helping local nonprofits. Over the past six years, Amplify Austin has raised over $45M for hundreds of local organizations.

You do not need to live in Austin to support us on Amplify Austin Day which is coming up on February 28th!

Here's how you can help:

  1. Please consider giving to Trading Up on February 28th on Amplify Austin Day!
  2. Consider becoming a FUNDRAISER for us! You can start now! Just click on 'Fundraise' and you will automatically be led through the steps of what to do!
  3. Share all of this information with your family and friends via social media!