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“The trajectory of your whole life is determined by one single thing; the image of God that you live your life with. Sadly, most people live with a false view of God; that He is irrelevant, critical, distant and not very interesting. It’s a lie. It is a tragedy to live with a false view of God, it effects everything in your life.” Doug Sherman

Doug Sherman’s Calling, Passion and Unique Message

Anyone who has known Doug Sherman for even a brief amount of time knows that his life passion has been to help people see God more clearly and relate to Him more often in the active hours of their day. Doug’s story of meeting Jesus for the first time in the middle of a personal crisis ignited a significantly impactful personal walk with God. Doug has spent the majority of his life devoted to helping people change their flawed view of God and then learn how to live the truth about God; resulting in dramatic life change.

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